How do you determine your prices, and what is MAP? 0 Comments

Companies in the supplement industry implement MAP policies to maintain fair and equitable pricing with all of their customers and to maintain their premium brand image.

MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Good companies make every reseller comply; including retail store locations, catalogs, and Internet retailers, who resell their products.

Every company sets their own MAP, and it can be anywhere from a 0-25% discount to the published MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) for that item. This pricing level applies to any advertised price in any form including print advertising, Internet advertising, Pay per clicks, store circulars and flyers, verbal advertising (radio or video), and shelf tags.

In certain cases, a company may offer additional promotional opportunities that would fall outside the parameters of this policy for a promotion of specific items, for a specific time period only.

If resellers do not comply with MAP policies that a company sets, they will usually get a warning to comply and if they don’t, or become repeat offenders, the company will refuse further sale of their items to that reseller.

MAP is supposed to level the playing field between stores, whether brick and mortar, or Internet sites.

Because we will always comply with MAP, this is how MAP affects you:

We will give you the best possible price.

We will keep your total bill as low as possible by not charging shipping or handling.

We will include extras like samples and freebies whenever we have them available.

We will provide you with outstanding customer service.

We will keep things pure and simple, and your overall experience with us hassle free.