CoQ10 & BioPQQ with Shilajit


CoQ10 & BioPQQ with Shilajit is a synergistic blend of antioxidants that protect your mitochondria — tiny energy-producers inside your cells. Healthy mitochondria promote heart health and support brain function. The potent formula includes shilajit for enhanced bioavailability.

  • Benefits - Mitochondria
  • Healthy - Heart 
  • Helps Maintain - Brain
  • Normal - Cells
  • Positive - Mood
  • Promotes - Stamina
  • Supports - Energy

A healthy heart and brain are vital to your longevity and well-being. Whether you’re an older adult who wants to stay active as the years go by, or a young professional seeking to enhance your productivity, having enough energy to live the life you want is crucial for a happy, fulfilling life.

CoQ10 & BioPQQ with Shilajit is a blend of potent antioxidants to support heart and brain health, and energy production at the cellular level. It's perfect for helping to provide the energy you need to live the life you want.

150 mg Kaneka Q10 is bio-identical to the CoQ10 your body produces. It’s manufactured in the U.S. and backed by 30 years of safety and research.

85 mg BioPQQ is the most thoroughly tested and studied form of PQQ available. It’s naturally produced through organic fermentation.

What is PQQ? (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a novel cofactor with antioxidant and B vitamin-like activity. PQQ is a unique neuroprotectant and cardioprotectant. PQQ is naturally present in vegetables and in the human body, including breast milk.

What are the benefits of PQQ? Promotes cardiovascular health by supporting heart muscle function, cellular oxygen utilization and protecting cell membranes from oxidative stress. PQQ maintains neural health by supporting nerve growth factor (NGF), neuronal receptor activity and molecular signals that promote mitochondrial function. Recent studies show that PQQ supports mental processing.

10 mg PrimaVie Shilajit is organic shilajit from the Himalayan mountains. It’s rich in fulvic acid to enhance the absorption of CoQ10 and BioPQQ.

Recommended use: Take one capsule daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


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