Hand Sanitizer 3 Pack



Not all hand sanitizers are created equal. For example, did you know that traditional hand sanitizers only work for two minutes at a time? As soon as it dries on your hands, germs start to form again immediately!

HOWEVER, ZOONO HAND SANITIZER WORKS DIFFERENTLY by safely bonding to your skin and protecting against germs for a full 24 hours. Nothing on the market can compare. Most hand sanitizers kill germs only while wet on your hands. This means that to protect against germs all day, you have to constantly re-apply. The constant reapplication can lead to dry, sensitive skin.

Zoono Hand Sanitizer works by safely bonding to your skin and “physically” killing any germs on the surface so it works even after it has dried. Zoono permanently bonds to the surface and sets up a nano-molecular layer of pins creating a hostile barrier that resembles a “bed of nails” to germs. This physically impales and destroys any germs that come in contact with the Zoono layer, it bonds safely to the skin and never stops working. It’s only through the body’s ability to naturally exfoliate that causes the removal of Zoono.

Zoono Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs immediately and protects against germs for 24 hours. What makes Zoono such an amazing innovation is that the core technology is water-based, which means it is fundamentally less toxic than typical hand sanitizers, which are predominantly alcohol based.

Zoono Hand Sanitizer hand sanitizer uses the only FDA approved active ingredient that is not alcohol based and combines with an antimicrobial barrier technology. This technology creates a barrier that bonds to skin and remains effectively antimicrobial for up to 24 hours. By itself, this is a significant difference from traditional sanitizing technologies and is also less toxic than Vitamin C.*

With a water-based hand sanitizer there is a lower probability of the product being misused or consumed inadvertently by children or deliberately by persons seeking the intoxication that is available with traditional, alcohol based sanitizers.Zoono has been rated “Food Safe” around the world.

Most alcohol based hand sanitizers can lead to hormone disruption, a weaker immune system, antibiotic resistance, and more due to toxic chemicals. Hand sanitizer users tend to apply sanitizer multiple times throughout the day. While this may seem good and preventative, repetitive use of alcohol-based sanitizer in one day can actually cause skin dermatitis, or dry skin. The alcohol acts as an antimicrobial agent and evaporates quickly, so there is no wet residue left over. This quick evaporation is a big factor in hand dryness.

Not only does Zoono Hand Sanitizer act as protection for your hands, it also doubles as a moisturizer for your skin. When applying Zoono Hand Sanitizer, your hands will feel silky and smooth, leaving an invisible coating. Hand Sanitizer acts as a glove, with reapplication unnecessary for 24 hours. There are no limitations on how many times you can apply Zoono although only once a day is necessary for protection, as it does not wash or rub off.  It’s safe for you and your family (will not poison a person if consumed). No possibility of bacteria building up an immunity – no microbial mutation contributing to Super Bugs.

Benzalkonium Chloride .13%, Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrances, Silica Complex 3 (Trimethoxysilyl), Propyl Dimethyl Octadecyl Ammonium Chloride, Water

Whilst Zoono had been previously tested against bovine coronavirus (the nominated surrogate for MERS), this latest strain required new testing.

Two separate tests were completed to EN Standard 14476:2013+A2:2019. The first was against Vaccinia; sometimes referred to as the ‘mother ship’ of double enveloped viruses (that are particularly hard to inactivate), with the subsequent test against the nominated (and globally accepted) surrogate for COVID19; feline coronavirus.

EN14476 is the European Standard that applies to products within the medical area including hygienic hand rubs, hygienic hand wash, instrument disinfection by immersion, surface disinfection by wiping, spraying, flooding or other means.

RESULTS: The test against Vaccinia confirmed efficacy of > 4Log (greater than 99.99% efficacy) for Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield (the same Zoono technology used in Zoono Hand Sanitiser). The second test against the COVID-19 surrogate, feline coronavirus, confirmed efficacy at 4.33Log (greater than 99.99% efficacy). The members of the family Coronaviridae are enveloped and have positive sense RNA genome. Coronaviruses have a distinct morphology with an outer ‘corona’ of embedded envelope spikes. These viruses cause a broad spectrum of animal and human disease and are particularly difficult to inactivate. Zoono is very pleased with the results which further demonstrates the ability of the Zoono technology to be part of the solution to prevent and protect against the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

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